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Recharge your e-bike at one of the stations

Sustainable mobility is not just a trend – it’s here to stay. That’s why our network of charging stations is constantly expanding!

Take a look at the detailed map of the charging stations already active on your route below, or look at it directly from the Bikef App for smartphones (coming soon on iOS and Android)

Flat battery in the middle of a hike?

A distant memory with our e-bike charging stations.

Suggest an e-bike charging station at the bar, restaurant, mountain hut you love!

During your excursions do you happen to stop at bars, restaurants, hotels that have not yet installed a charging station for pedal-assisted bicycles?

Invite your favourite club to join the Bikef circuit

This will allow business owners to offer an attractive charging service for all customers who love two wheels, while e-bike enthusiasts like you will have a new e-bike charging point.

Talk about a win-win!