How to recharge your e-Bike

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Watch the video tutorial and you will understand how, in four simple steps, you can recharge the battery of your e-bike and then continue your journey with peace of mind.

Bikef: your charging station for a full load of energy

We designed the Bikef charging stations to meet the desires of e-bike enthusiasts like us, who want to ride as long and as far as possible without the thought of running out of batteries on the way back.

Follow these simple steps to recharge your e-bike


Register on the Bikef App and find the nearest station to you on the map.

Connect your e-Bike

Use the charging cable to connect your bike to the charging station in total safety, whatever the weather conditions.

Bikef has you covered

After a brief test phase, check the start of recharging on the display of the column.

Back to cycling

When fully charged, unplug the cable, go, and enjoy!

Your battery is safe with us

We know how onerous and annoying it is to have to change the battery of the e-bike.

The Bikef charging system guarantees you efficient protection of the life and performance of your battery, whatever the conditions of use and whatever brand of e-bike you have.

The recharging process is controlled by an integrated intelligent system that always monitors the state of charge, modulating the supply of energy to protect the battery at all costs.

The Bikef columns use the charging protocol of the original charger supplied with the e-bike and guarantee the same charging time

Everything you need in a single App

The Bikef App for Android and IOS smartphones is the flagship of our charging platform for pedelecs.

Via App you can:

  • Register your e-bikes
  • Enable and disable your charging cables
  • Have in your hands the map of the nearest charging stations
  • Organize your itinerary thanks to the suggested routes