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Columns to recharge your e-bike

Our charging station for e-bikes hides an IP65 certified technology that allows it to operate at low voltage (24V or 48V) and in total safety even in the presence of water and dust, modulating amperages and settings according to the type of battery connected, to adapt to different standards on the market.

Characteristics of the charging columns

  • Weight: 12kg
  • Dimensions: 30 x 56 x 355 cm
  • Voltage and power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz, 10 – 16 A
  • Charging accesses: 2 or 4 accesses

Technology for sustainability

In a world moving towards a sustainable future, e-bikes have become the means of transport of choice, chosen both by those who pedal every day to get around the city and by explorers of the wildest natural beauties.

Efficient, practical, and ecological, the only limitation of pedal assisted bicycles is the duration of the battery, which must be recharged periodically in special charging stations that are not always available throughout the territory.

Recharge your e-bike in a simple, fast and safe way

Three good reasons to buy an e-bike charging station for your business

Why offer your customers the possibility to recharge their bikes at your premises?

Here are three good reasons why:

  • Increase your customer base
    When you appear on the Bikef App map as an e-bike charging station you spontaneously attract the attention of the community of local and passing e-bikers.
  • You will retain those who come to visit you
    Becoming a point of reference to return to and recharge your batteries. While waiting for their fill-up, your guests will have plenty of time to have breakfast, lunch or a coffee and a slice of cake!
  • Offer an innovative and avant-garde service
    Nowadays, both in large cities and in small to medium-sized towns, the only way to recharge your e-bike is to carry bulky cables and transformers, or hope to find a 220V plug available. The Bikef charging system provides every e-biker with the perfect cable for their bike, ensuring fast and totally safe charging.