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The Bikef charging station is the first column that can be easily and safely adapted to all e-Bikes on the market today thanks to its innovative unique charging cable. In fact, with the Bikef cable it will no longer be necessary to bring along the battery charger, as all you need is a Bikef recharging point to recharge any e-Bike!
Through its advanced technology, the Bikef charging system allows you to recharge batteries with different voltages, up to 48V, with specific amperages and customized settings, thus compensating for the different standards of the various bicycles on the market today.
Thanks to the patented Bikef system, 220V sockets, which, in the presence of humidity, can become dangerous for the user, will no longer be necessary. In addition, the cyclist will finally be able to travel lighter, as he will no longer have to carry the bulky and heavy charger, but only his Bikef charging cable.

Charging stations for e-bikes

Experience carefree adventures with charging solutions for e-bikes and pedelecs.

Our e-bike charging stations are designed to offer cyclists the ability to:

  • Easily find the charging stations on the map thanks to the Bikef App.
  • Connect all types of bikes thanks to an innovative system and cables compatible with the most popular brands.
  • Recharge batteries outdoors easily, quickly and 100% safely in all weather conditions.

Make your business a green reference point

Intercept the needs of cyclists and e-bike enthusiasts in your city and become their reference point for recharging their batteries. Whether you own a shop, a bar, a restaurant, or an accommodation facility, through the Bikef App you will become part of a network of e-bike enthusiasts, increasing the visibility of your business and attracting new customers.

Extraordinary performance cables

Charging your e-bike has never been so easy, quick, and safe, even in the rain or in the presence of mud and dust.

The charging experience for your pedal assisted bike becomes smart, personalized, and innovative thanks to Bikef cables and accessories.